Danning Niu
Design Portfolio

A-Typical Corridor

Coworking Office Design
Industry City, 220 36th Street, Brooklyn, NY
Spring 2019, 8 Weeks

This project seeks to reimagine circulation, transparency, and privacy in coworking space. Specifically, it finds an alternative to the incresingly popular open plan, which has proved to be distracting and stessful for certain people and professions. The design proposes a model that provides functional private units of various sizes which individuals and private businesses can rent out while preserving a visual fluidity and offers opportunities for interactions. 

Site Analysis

Initial Idea: Reversing the focus

Zoning Diagram

Spatial Division Diagram

Concept Diagram

Plan & Sections (Single Floor)

Section Perspective
The same layout is applied to the 2nd-6th floors with different offsets.

Compression and Break-outs

Common Area and Corridor

Office Units

Curtain Wall System with Transluscent Privacy Panels The bottom of the curtain wall is at 48”, which provides the uses a degree of visual privacy when seated.